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Love With The Proper Stranger

(Video quality ain’t great. I’m working on it, im working on it) This clip is from the 1963 film Love With the Proper Stranger directed by Robert Mulligan. The film stars Natalie Wood as Angie a working girl from an Italian-American family that discovers she is pregnant following a one night stand with Rocky, a musician played by Steve McQueen. The film follows Angie and Rocky as they decide what to do about the pregnancy, and each other.

Hold That Ghost: The Andrews Sisters

An additional Hold That Ghost tidbit: The Andrew Sisters (hit recording artists of the 30s-40s) appeared in three Abbott & Costello films: Buck Privates (in which they performed their most famous song “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”), In the Navy, and Hold that Ghost. The latter was the first movie I saw them in, and naturally I fell in love. I remember calling my grandmother to tell her about my new obsession. Her favorite Andrew Sisters song was “In Apple Blossom Time” and I sang it to her over the phone. I could talk about the Andrews Sisters all day, but I’d much rather point out something else: Laverne Andrews is a horrible performer. The girl’s got a great voice, but […]

Race in Film: Hold That Ghost

This clip is from Abbott and Costello’s 1941 film Hold That Ghost directed by Arthur Lubin, who also directed several other of the duo’s films including Buck Privates and In the Navy (also excellent). In the movie Bud Abbott and Lou Costello play waiters Chuck and Ferdie respectively at the Chez Glamour nightclub. Due to a series of circumstance they become the beneficiaries of a gangster’s will and inherit a haunted house. For those of you unfamiliar with this brilliant duo, Abbott and Costello were a comedy team in the tradition of Laurel & Hardy, or Martin & Lewis. Budd Abbott was the straight man who frequently took advantage of of the baby faced Lou Costello, the idiot with the […]

Special Series I : Race in Film

Oh man are we gonna have a ball. This series looks at representations of people of color (POC) in films that do not explicitly deal with race. This means that although I love Mr. Tibbs, In the Heat of the Night will not be featured. Instead, we will look at images of POC, references to race, racism, and race relations (positive and negative) that pop up in unexpected places. Such un-race related films like Hold That Ghost, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Paisan and even Meet Me in St. Louis. The movies in this series are primarily ones I grew up watching and have viewed hundreds of times. The majority of them will be from the 1930’s-60s*. My love […]


to Jurassic Park Mirror! What will you find here? Videos. Videos with voiceover commentary. Motion Picture Commentary. In these lil videos I will discuss scenes or moments of interest in a wiiiide variety of films. There will also be special video series (the first one is Race in Film). This is still a work in progress as I smooth out the video editing, recording, etc process. It will get better! I hope you like it!! Tell your friends, of which you have many I’m sure.