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Race in Film: Swing Time & Shall We Dance

*This video includes clips and commentary for both “Swing Time” and “Shall We Dance”, so don’t turn it off after the Bojangles number! Also my voice cracks a lot in a weird way… I guess I’m becoming a real man.* This, more than any previous Race in Film post, gets to the nitty gritty of the whole series, and I am very nervous. It might be strange to get timid nine posts in, but there seems to be no rhyme or reason to what I am comfortable talking and not talking about. Judy Garland is fair game, but Fred Astaire… Fred Astaire… He is the man that makes my knees lose themselves. I am in love with his high waisted […]

The Odd Couple

*I have since safely made it to California and back (which explains the lapse in posting)* As I write this now, I am half way to California. Mid air with a splitting headache. This is a result of a pre-flight boozing binge of necessity. My lower back aches. The back of my knees are sweaty, and I cannot itch the bottom of my foot. Everything is uncomfortable. I am an anxious person. I come from a long line of anxious-ers. If you ever journey to Richardsonland, here are some things to remember so as not to disturb the animals: Check food labels two or three times before consuming. Spend most of your time knocking on wood. There’s no such thing […]