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Ebert Presents At The Movies

Take a look at yours truly and her giant head in this video introducing the show’s critics! The show premiered this past Friday. If you haven’t seen it yet, clips of all the reviews are up on the site! www.ebertpresents.com And be sure to tune in this weekend for my first segment :: now online :: Psst. It’s on Black Swan. (see below) Check your local PBS stations and times here. Tell all your friends, of whom you have many I’m sure.

Black Swan And Bathrooms

Sitting in a coffee shop I heard a man say: “I saw Black Swan the other night. It was trash. Elevated trash, but trash.” When you see a good movie, a very good movie, it’s difficult to remember that the film is not objectively extraordinary. “Black Swan was great.” You say to yourself and aloud. You are certain the world agrees. Summer is hot, winter is cold, and Black Swan is a great film. Now this isn’t exactly evidence you are feeling superior. Superiority means knowing there exists another lesser point of view over which yours rises supreme. If you cannot even fathom an opposing view it is beyond arrogance. It is pure solipsism. So, if you are sitting in […]