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April 19, 2011
Kartina Richardson

A Myrna Loy Story

Below is an email I received a few days ago. Brian was kind enough to allow me to share it with the Myrna Loy loving public! Isn’t it a great story?

Dear Kartina,

I was surfing around the channels today and came upon “At The Movies” just in time to see your piece on “The Thin Man Series”. Your passion for the old movies really shows, you did a great job. I wanted to tell you about my dad and Myrna Loy…

My dad died when I was 2 years old (I am now 59). As a teenager my mom gave me a box of things that were my dad’s. In the box I found a sketch of this woman who my mom told me my dad had draw back in the 1940’s. The story goes that my dad was on a train in England when he met Miss Loy. He asked her if he could sketch her and she agreed. In 1974 I sat down and draw a copy and hung it next to my dad’s a month later my house burnt to the ground and I lost every thing but my drawing and this is that drawing (below). I thought you would like to see it and if you like you can print it out for your personal use. I have searched the internet and have never found a photograph that match’s it so I must believe the story. I read that they are going to remake the Thin Man and Johnny Depp wants to do it, have you heard of this?  Thanks for the memories Kartina.

-Brian Malcolm Seymour

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  1. A great story indeed. Totally F_cking outstanding! Thanks for shedding the light.


  2. A truly great story. I bet Myrna Loy would have enjoyed hearing it. She was so classy, as are you with your impeccable taste! Thank you.


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