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April 20, 2011
Kartina Richardson

That Darn Cat

Lucille Ball

Carole Lombard

Judy Holliday

Haley Mills?

Sure Haley Mills.

Mills was a fabulous comedian. Her timing was magnificent. Two little scenes in Disney’s That Darn Cat (1965) will either back me up on this or expose my stupid sense of humor.

“Well I was away… on my holiday… to Mexico… on a bus.”

It gets me every time.

Excuse the long-winded voiceover. Allergies are fogging my brain.

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  1. Could I love your tastes any more? First The Thin Man….now Haley Mills. I think we could be bff’s. But I’ll settle for keeping up with your RSS feed instead. Thanks for a great blog!

  2. Eds Wynn? Boy did you make me feel good with this one. Carried me waaay back! I can’t stop smiling. Not much of a Haley Mills fan, but I’ve always thought Ed Wynn was very cool. Thank you. Am I ever glad to be one of your fans! Hope you’re feeling better by the time you see this!.

  3. My goodness, must apologize for misspelling Ed Wynn’s first name above.

  4. So happy to watch this video. I adored “That Darn Cat” as a kid and yes, Haley Mills is a hidden comic gem. Have you ever watched Ida Lupino’s “The Trouble With Angels” with Mills and Roselind Russell? Nuns, “binders,” and “scathingly brilliant ideas.” It’s fantastic.


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