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May 28, 2011
Kartina Richardson


Celebrating Terrence Malick for Ebert Presents! Now get out of here and go see Tree of Life.

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  1. James King

    That commentary was almost erotic in its passion. It actually made me want to see Badlands to see if I will have the same experience. In comparison, real life must be a huge let down for you. Simple pleasures substitute for grand majesties. Complexity and complexion derived from depth and intelligence yield to simple minds who ask banal questions. In real life, the rich tapestries of experiences are littered with holes and tears. Movies allow us to escape those imperfections … but only for a short while.

    Enjoy your coffee 🙂

  2. If film criticism as a whole could only be as reflective, poetic, and cinematic as Miss Kartina. 🙂

  3. Max Oblivion

    My talent is investment management. I would much prefer to have your talent for insight and expression. You should have your own film review show with you and a different guest each week discussing a couple of films. I would watch it. What do you think? Does it sound like a plan?

    • Max Oblivion

      I haven’t seen “Days of Heaven” but I have seen “Badlands” and “The Thin Red Line”. I love to see wind blown grass or fields of grain in film and Malick’s use of such imagery in “Red LIne” creates an amazing effect in a particular battle sequence. The battle occurs on a wind swept hill or ridge line covered with tall grass. As the soldiers advance up the hill to their likely deaths, they must move through the tall grass to confront their enemy and meet their fate. The contrast between the beauty of the hills and the terror of the moment is impressive. I would watch the film again just to see this one sequence.

  4. Trinity Wells

    Miss Kartina’s poetic review of Badlands has lingered in my mind like the kind of wind that rustles out questions such as, what other cinematic gems has she culled out and imbued with such dreamy insight? Today, I am enchanted to have found this site.
    I could read a book of her reviews. I am intrigued about her as a filmmaker and writer.
    It was such magical way of presenting and describing a love for a movie. I am excited to read her other reviews.

  5. Your passion for film is incredible. Your ability to turn that passion into words is even more so. So many get into writing about film and it becomes so academic. Thank you for reminding us why we all fell in love with film in the first place

  6. Ever since first seeing this review on the show Ebert Presents At The MoviesI I wondered who this beautiful creature was and to see it again WOW! It is a stupid question, but that is your own writing I assume? Plus well you are a vision!


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