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January 19, 2013
Kartina Richardson

Things at Sundance



Today at Sundance I wandered aimlessly around a supermarket picking up different cheeses and putting them back down. I can never decide on a brie.

Cheese-less I journeyed to a bustling main street (a very steep hill) where altitude-acclimated rich ladies breezed by me in furry hats and sunglasses. They were having a good time.
Having spent a terrifying night gasping for air in Cuajimoloyas, Mexico (10,000 ft. elevation), I rang Doctor Singla. “Doc, I need some altitude sickness meds” I said, but before she could reply the call disconnected.

Dejected on Main Street with only a tidbit of oxygen left in my lungs, I glanced up. There, between me and death, was a coffee shop.

Then I drank an Americano, met a spiritual wanderer and felt totally fine.

Then I saw some movies…

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