william steig drawing

The Cinema: Deadly & Holy

The other night, in a sleepless mania not unfamiliar to me, I rummaged through all my old school papers. They were abysmal, as unfortunately all academic writing is, but I paused self-beration to read one paper in particular. I remember it was handed in for extra credit in a last attempt to pass Dramaturgy. In it I reviewed theatre and film director (Marat/Sade) Peter Brook’s fantastic book The Empty Space and his categorizations of the theater: Holy, Deadly, Rough, Immediate. And as I trudged through my soulless, double spaced writing it suddenly occurred to me that these categories could be applied to the cinema. With the exception of the Immediate, they really are applied quite neatly, and I admit this […]

That Darn Cat

Lucille Ball Carole Lombard Judy Holliday Haley Mills? Sure Haley Mills. Mills was a fabulous comedian. Her timing was magnificent. Two little scenes in Disney’s That Darn Cat (1965) will either back me up on this or expose my stupid sense of humor. “Well I was away… on my holiday… to Mexico… on a bus.” It gets me every time. Excuse the long-winded voiceover. Allergies are fogging my brain.

A Myrna Loy Story

Below is an email I received a few days ago. Brian was kind enough to allow me to share it with the Myrna Loy loving public! Isn’t it a great story? Dear Kartina, I was surfing around the channels today and came upon “At The Movies” just in time to see your piece on “The Thin Man Series”. Your passion for the old movies really shows, you did a great job. I wanted to tell you about my dad and Myrna Loy…