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Tim and Eric

Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie! (and more)

Ay dios dios dios mio. I’ve forgotten to post these links and you’ve been staring at Keira Knightley’s vagina for almost two months. Below are some articles I’ve written recently for Salon. They’re TV related, but let’s not kid ourselves. You watch a lot of TV too. Tim and Eric’s Comedy of Repulsion: In their new movie, the cult comics push the limits of human vulnerability — and generate laughs from nerves TV’s Eerie New Race-less World: In an Obama age, shows like “Parenthood” flatter us into believing race no longer matters — and avoid hard truth. The Great Sitcom Divide: Once you’ve grown used to adventurous shows like “30 Rock” and “Louie,” the traditional sitcom feels like a relic.