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May 19, 2010
Kartina Richardson

Alice in Wonderland: A Little Suggestion

There will be days when you feel very, very sorry for yourself.

You will wear your socks into the bathroom and step in a puddle.

You will pour yourself a bowl of cereal and realize there is no more milk.

No. Nothing will go your way.

You will lie in bed and sigh the deepest and darkest sighs.

You will be sad. Yes. You will cry.

Here is a suggestion. Go deeper into the blue.

Pull that Great Gray Cloud closer down upon you.

Think about very sad and very lonely things.

Think about the scene in Disney’s 1951 Alice in Wonderland.

The one where our beloved Alice has given up all hope.

Deep in Tulgey wood, she is sad for her little self. She sits, with her enormous head in her tiny hands, alone and lost. Soon she is surrounded by the curious and curiouser creatures of the forest who join in on this great weeping.

Why don’t you join in too.

(because you know just as well as I that feeling sorry for yourself is secretly enjoyable).

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